Caccavaro Construction is a commercial construction company that was founded on its service for the Boston community lasting 60 years and ongoing. Best known for our tenant build outs, we ensure that your property will acquire the maintenance you feel fit as we develop it into a recognized place. Tenant build outs are a rather convenient process. Initially, you will select an open tenant space with the bare essentials, four walls and a door. A build out is when you expand from that space so as to suit your needs. We have remodeled private schools, residential buildings, offices, restaurants, and much more. General repairs and tenant fit-ups consist of most of our work spanning complexes of up to 100,000 sq. feet.


When other construction companies cannot comply with high standards, our company is called. We don’t just do what we’re told; we do the work for you with a personal touch that will leave you satisfied beyond the satisfactory. Our family founded company consists of a prime work force of men and women ready to serve you thanks to our diligent updating of trained contractors. We will assist you with the lengthy requirements of setting up your property including the federal building codes to get it running when you need it.


Whatever you need, whether it’s repairs or waterproofing, our masonry is nothing short of demand. We will maintain and build your workspace efficiently with minimal distraction so that your work can be optimized. We understand how budget and time restraints are always a concern and will communicate with your schedule every step of the way until you’re left satisfied. We have an eye for fine craftsmanship and an ear for your vision. Let us know what’s missing and we’ll construct it into reality.